PANTALONI – All About Italian Pants (Trousers)

Learn about the Italian word pantaloni (pants or trousers), how to pronounce pantaloni and pantalone, and clear up whether they are singular or plural Italian nouns. You’ll learn plenty of ways to use pantaloni, the words for types of pantaloni like jeans, pantaloni da ginnastica and pantaloni a zampa

If you’re wondering if pantaloni is a kind of food (it’s not), there is an explanation of the word you’re probably thinking of: delicious panettone!

We’ll also explain what pantaloni means in Romanian (it’s the same as Italian!).

Uno, due, tre, via!


Pantaloni is the Italian word for pants (American English), trousers (British English) and slacks

The pronunciation of pantaloni is: pahn-tah-LOH-nee

Listen to how to pronounce pantaloni here:  

The word pantaloni is an Italian masculine plural noun. I pantaloni means the pants/trousers, and dei pantaloni means some pants/trousers.

I pantaloni sono neri.
The pants are black.

You can also say un paio di pantaloni, which means a pair of pants/trousers.

Hai bisogno di un paio di pantaloni!
You need a pair of pants!

Baby in a diaper bending over and looking through his legs, asking in a graphic speech bubble, "Dove sono i miei pantaloni?"
Dove sono i miei pantaloni? / Where are my pants?


Un pantalone is the (masculine) singular form of pantaloni

The pronunciation of pantalone is: pahn-tah-LOH-neh

Listen to how to pronounce pantalone here:  

In some areas of Italy, such as Tuscany, people use the singular form un pantalone to talk about pants/trousers, or a pair of pants/trousers. For example:

Sto cercando un pantalone bianco da indossare al matrimonio di mio fratello. 
I’m looking for a pair of white pants to wear at my brother’s wedding.

Pantalone (Pantaloon in English) is also the name of a commedia dell’arte character from the 16th century, and thus a Venetian Carnival mask. Pantalone is an old, greedy Venetian merchant with a penchant for young women, and his mask has a long pointed nose. You can see it in the mask shops of Venice today.

In fact, the word pantaloni for pants derives from the French word pantalons, which can be traced back to the Venetian character Pantalone

Black and white outline of a Venetian pantalone mask.
The Venetian pantalone mask


There are many types of pantaloni, or pants in Italian. Here are some of the most common:

  • Jeans are jeans, but the Italian word is pronounced “jeents” instead of “jeenz”
  • Leather pants are pantaloni di pelle
  • Flares and bell bottoms are pantaloni a zampa d’elefante, pantaloni a zampa, or pantaloni a campana
  • Pajama pants are pantaloni del pigiama
  • Sweatpants and track pants are pantaloni da tuta or pantaloni da ginnastica
  • Capri pants are pantaloni alla Capri or pinocchietti
  • Low waisted pants and hip huggers are pantaloni a vita bassa
  • High waisted pants are pantaloni a vita alta
  • Five-pocket pants are pantaloni a cinque tasche
  • Winter pants are pantaloni invernali
  • Summer pants are pantaloni estivi

Pantaloni can be:

  • eleganti or fancy, elegant
  • larghi or loose fitting
  • aderenti or tight
  • leggeri or lightweight
  • pesanti or heavy
  • lunghi or long
  • corti or short

In estate porto raramente i pantaloni lunghi.
In summer I rarely wear long pants.

Quando torneranno di moda i pantaloni larghi?
When will loose fitting pants come back into style?


Pantaloncini is the word for shorts in Italian. Other Italian words for shorts are pantaloni corti and pantaloncini corti.

Oggi fa caldissimo, mi metto i pantaloncini.
Today is very hot, I’m putting on shorts.


Is pantaloni an Italian food?

Pantaloni is not an Italian food. However, there is an Italian Christmas dessert with a similar name called panettone.
Panettone is a sweet and puffy yellow bread, dotted with raisins and candied fruit inside. Originally from Milan, it is now eaten all over Italy and around the world at Christmas time.

What does pantaloni mean in Romanian?

Just like in Italian, pantaloni is the Romanian word for pants (American English) and trousers (British English).

Who is Pantaloni?

Olivier Pantaloni is a Ligue 1 French soccer manager and former soccer player. The striker played for Nice, SC Bastia, and AC Ajacca, among other teams.