How to Say HUSBAND in Italian

L’uomo ideale non esiste. È più facile trovare marito.
The ideal man doesn’t exist. A husband is easier to find.  – Britt Ekland

Learn all about how to say husband and husbands (marito and mariti) in Italian, and how to pronounce them. You’ll find out how to say hubby (maritino), other important husband terms like ex-husband (ex-marito), my husband (mio marito) and how to use the possessive form correctly. Discover sweet terms of endearment to use with your husband, and how to tell him you love him. We’ve also Italian proverbs and sayings about husbands, and their modern translations.. 



Marito means husband in Italian. Un marito is a husband, and il marito is the husband.

The pronunciation of un marito and il marito is: oohn mah-REE-toh, eel mah-REE-toh

Listen to how to pronounce marito here:

Il marito di Maria è romano.
Maria’s husband is Roman.

Il Marito (The Husband) is the name of a 1957 film starring the legendary Italian comic actor Alberto Sordi. It was directed by Nanni Loy and Gianni Puccini.


Mariti means husbands in Italian. Mariti is the plural of marito

The pronunciation of mariti is: mah-REE-tee

Listen to how to pronounce mariti here:

I mariti si sono abbracciati.
The husbands hugged each other.

While Italy is still behind most of the EU and does not recognize same-sex marriages, Italy has granted same-sex civil unions since 2016.


Maritino means little husband, or hubby in Italian. When said with love, it’s a term of endearment.  

The pronunciation of maritino is: mah-ree-TEE-noh

Listen to how to pronounce maritino here:

Finisco le ultime due cose in ufficio e torno a casa dal maritino.
I’m finishing up the last couple things at work and then going home to hubby.


Woman pointing at a man wearing a black t-shirt that says 'futuro marito,' or future husband.  They're both smiling.

Primo marito means first husband.
Secondo marito means second husband.
Ex marito means ex-husband.
Futuro marito means future husband

Il secondo marito di Caterina è molto simpatico.
Caterina’s second husband is very nice.

Maritato (from the verb maritare) means married, but it is not commonly used today. It is most likely to be found in literature, or in reference to Sicilian street food.

Street food? Yes, in Sicily there is a traditional specialty called pani ca’ meusa, a sandwich stuffed with beef spleen and lung. With the addition of ricotta and caciocavallo cheese, it becomes the married version, or maritato.


To say my husband, use mio marito. Usually possessives in Italian also require the direct article (the). For example: il mio amico means my (male) friend. However, family members are a big exception.

Do not use the direct article with the SINGULAR, unaltered nouns of most family members. If there is an adjective before or after the family member, use the article. Also, use the article with the possessive loro. 


mio marito is my husband
tuo marito is your husband (informal you) 
suo marito is his/her/your husband (formal you)


Il loro marito is their husband (uncommon but possible)
Il mio ex-marito is my ex-husband
Il mio maritino is my hubby



Here are some sweet words for your husband: 

amore: love
amore mio: my love
caro mio: my dear
bello: handsome
tesoro: treasure

Mi manchi amore mio.
I miss you my love.  

Tesoro non vedo l’ora di vederti stasera!
Treasure, I can’t wait to see you tonight.


To tell your husband you love him, say ti amo (I love you). 

In Italian, there are two ways to say I love you. Take note in order to avoid any uncomfortable mixups! Ti amo is reserved for telling a special someone that you love them in a romantic way. Ti voglio bene (literally, I want you well), is for telling friends and family that you love them. 


The word for wife in Italian is moglie.

Una moglie means a wife, and la moglie means the wife

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There is no shortage of Italian idioms and proverbs that feature husbands.

Tra marito e marito non mettere il dito.
Direct translation: Don’t put your finger between a husband and husband.
Meaning: Don’t meddle in other people’s affairs.

Chi non sa cosa siano malanni e doglie, prenda marito o prenda moglie.
Direct translation: If you haven’t known misfortune or pain, get a husband or wife.
Meaning: Being married is a pain in the neck.

Chi ha buon marito, lo porta in viso.
Direct translation: If a person has a good husband, they wear it on their face.
Meaning: You can tell from someone’s face if they’re happily married.